Re: please review the paper for me

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Wed Feb 26 2003 - 19:27:52 EST

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    Frank Tang wrote:

    > I think that is a very commn mistake people WILL make.

    Especially if they keep telling each other the wrong thing,
    and then rely on folklore about the standard as their source
    of information.

    The ultimate source of information about a standard is the
    standard itself.

    If language in the standard is unclear and is leading people
    to misinterpretations, then the UTC and the editors want to
    know about that. But I believe that in this particular
    instance, the text of Unicode 4.0 (forthcoming) will be quite clear and


    > Doug Ewell wrote:
    > >Thanks to all who pointed out that noncharacters, unlike surrogate code
    > >points, are NOT illegal or invalid in UTF-8 or any other CES. I don't
    > >know why I said they were. (Bad brain! Bad, bad brain!)

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