RE: Impossible combinations?

Date: Mon Mar 03 2003 - 05:41:20 EST

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    > I'm working on a Latin-based font that's got a large number
    > of kerning pairs already defined and I'm trying to pare this
    > list of pairs down to the bare minimum. There seem to be many
    > pairs which are unlikely ever to be used. These pairs all involve
    > a lowercase on the left with an uppercase on the right.

    Based on my extremely quick and unscientific study:

            (1) grab pseudorandomly a text -- I grabbed the "Adventures of Sherlock Holmes"
                from the Project Gutenberg
            (2) whip up a Perl script to count the two-letter combinations

    I got the following numbers: 872 different combinations, 1832 unseen
    (out of the possible 2704 = square(26 + 26)).

    Lowercase letters followed by uppercase? Yes: cC (42), cF (1), cQ (1),
    Mac and Mc being the culprits.

    I think also some spellings of "Saint Something" could end up being "StSomething",
    and the various "noble" prefixes like "d'", "van" could end up similarly as prefixes.

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