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Date: Thu Mar 06 2003 - 14:23:50 EST

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    At 09:00 AM 3/6/2003, Dean Snyder wrote:

    > From <>:
    >"SBL is pioneering the design of three unicode fonts for Hebrew, Greek,
    >and Latin, in conjunction with a professional type foundry,
    >Tiro... SBL and the font foundation will lobby Microsoft to distribute
    >the font with its future releases of Windows."
    >Will you similarly lobby Apple?

    You would have to ask the guys at SBL. My guess is that they would be happy
    to see the fonts as widely distributed as possible, so that they are
    available for scholars to standardise on text processing and publishing
    workflows. The only potential problem I see is that the fonts are OpenType
    and rely on system resources (e.g. MS's Unicode Script Processor,
    Uniscribe) to apply the layout features in the font to text. Apple have not
    adopted OpenType Layout support, although they support the file and outline
    formats, so the fonts are going to be of limited use to Mac users for now
    (although they should work well in some Mac apps with internal text
    engines, e.g. the Middle East version of Adobe InDesign). It would be
    *possible* to make an AAT (Apple Advanced Typography) version of the fonts,
    but I don't think this is at the top of anyone's priorities at the moment,
    and would require additional funding.

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