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    Hi, I was looking for a good book on Hebrew that describes the placement of
    points and such and noticed the reference to Harrison. The associated text
    below is along the lines of what I am looking for. However, the reviews at
    Amazon are not very good for this title.

    I would be interested in suggestions for a good book along these lines.
    Reply to me privately, if there is interest I will repost the suggestions in a
    single message back to the list.

    Chris Jacobs wrote:
    "When holem precedes א, the point is placed on the
    upper right of the letter, as with יֹאמַר (yō’mǎr).
    When it follows the א, the point is placed on the
    upper left, as in אֹבֵד (’ōbhēdh). When holem precedes
    שׁ, the points coincide, as with מֹשֶׁל (mōšěl).
    When holem follows שׂ, the points again coincide as
    with שֹׂטֵן (sōṭēn). The letter שֹׁ will be "šō" to
    commence a syllabe, e.g., שֹׁמַע (šōmǎ‘), and "ōs" in
    other places."

    [ R.K. Harrison, Teach Yourself Biblical Hebrew ]

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