Unicode 4.0 chapter headings and numbering.

From: William Overington (WOverington@ngo.globalnet.co.uk)
Date: Fri Mar 14 2003 - 04:01:38 EST

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    I wonder if you could please say whether the Unicode 4.0 book will have the
    same chapter headings and numbering as the Unicode 3.0 book?

    My reason for asking is that I am writing a paper about the possible
    problems with using languages of the Indian subcontinent on the DVB-MHP
    (Digital Video Broadcasting - Multimedia Home Platform) interactive
    television platform where the PFR0 Portable Font Resource system is used for
    those fonts which are broadcast. DVB-MHP uses Java and Unicode. I want to
    refer to Chapter 9 South and Southeast Asian Scripts as the place to look
    for the details of what is necessary, yet the paper needs to be usable both
    before and after the publication of Unicode 4.0, so I would like to know if
    the chapter headings and numbering will be unchanged please as I would like
    simply to refer readers to Chapter 9 South and Southeast Asian Scripts of
    the Unicode Standard at the http://www.unicode.org webspace.

    Also, if unchanged, is that a matter of continuing stability for future
    issues as well, or is it just for Unicode 4.0 please?

    William Overington

    14 March 2003

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