Re: Tolkien wanta-be has created entirely new language

From: Chris Jacobs (
Date: Sat Mar 15 2003 - 13:47:07 EST

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    > Now that we all know better (smile) we should avoid making
    > custom encoded fonts. The developers of such fonts (who are
    > still making and maintaining these fonts) should be urged to
    > make conformant fonts. Custom encoded fonts will be phased
    > out, eventually. Meanwhile, there are still some great archives
    > of non-Standard fonts, and users of antiquated computers can
    > still find such fonts useful in a limited fashion.

    I think it is more important that there be a mechanism to relocate a font
    when you install it.

    Font developers should be free to develop fonts without having to decide
    where in the end-user's pua it is supposed to be.

    My pua, the pua of font developer A, and the pua of font developer B should
    be considered three different spaces, so that there be no conflict when
    developer A and B put different chars on the same code point.

    And if it works that way I see no end-user problems if a font developer has
    his pua on a place where it not belongs.

    > Best regards,
    > James Kass

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