Re: Custom fonts (was: Tolkien wanta-be)

From: Chris Jacobs (
Date: Sat Mar 15 2003 - 17:58:33 EST

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    Subject: Custom fonts (was: Tolkien wanta-be)

    > Chris Jacobs schreef:
    > > Font developers should be free to develop fonts without having to
    > > decide
    > > where in the end-user's pua it is supposed to be.
    > >
    > > My pua, the pua of font developer A, and the pua of font developer
    > > B should
    > > be considered three different spaces, so that there be no conflict
    > > when
    > > developer A and B put different chars on the same code point.
    > Then how would you access such a character?
    > Currently, this is defined by the font + the codepoint. I.E. to
    > display a certain character on the screen, you tell the computer
    > which font to use and which codepoint to output.

    And for those applications which do explicitly mention which font to use it
    should stay that way.

    Mortbats code point 0034 is CANCER
    Arial Unicode MS code point 0034 is DIGIT FOUR
    Arial Unicode MS code point 264B is CANCER

    > If a font's codepoints are not fixed, how do you display this
    > character? I.E. if a certain character is not fixed at U+EF00, you
    > cannot simply have a text file with the value 0xEF00 in it and
    > expect it to print.

    If it is in a plaintext file, without font information, _then_ the system
    should look at the offests which should be defined when installing the

    Say I did load the Tengwar block from the Code2001 font with an offset of
    Then EF00 in a plaintext file would display as TENGWAR LETTER TINCO

    But if I had other offsets it could just as easily be displayed as something

    Maybe LATIN CAPITAL LETTER M WITH MACRON if I loaded this charset with offset

    > Pim Blokland

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