Re: Characters for Cakchiquel

Date: Thu Mar 27 2003 - 10:14:01 EST

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    I think these characters you have caught in de la Parra (as reported by Brinton)
    can best be left on the side-tracks for a while. Two reasons:

    1. They are not in use in current (and official and Maya-themselves-endorsed)
    Maya orthographies, and there is no pressing need for them. Their importance
    lies mostly in dealing with the history of Maya studies, and in reprinting or
    transcribing old texts. Since the days of de la Parra and Brinton there have
    been some singularly ugly accomodations to the typewriter, like "7" for a
    glottal stop, which I'd also like us to let moulder for a while too.

    2. The Jesuits and other missionaries of the Age of Exploration worked and
    published intensively in then-exotic languages on four continents. There are
    scholars and groups of scholars now attempting to look systematically at that
    body of work. I suspect that there is no stange character that could turn up in
    a Maya text from that period that wouldn't also turn up in texts about South
    American, Asian, or African languages, and when we do deal with these characters
    it would be best to do it in a systematic and comprehensive way. They will all
    reflect a common origin in the missionary training institutions of Europe.


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