Re: ogonek vs. retroflex hook

Date: Wed Apr 02 2003 - 12:32:20 EST

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    John Hudson <> wrote on 04/02/2003 10:32:51 AM:

    > I would replace the normal termination
    > of the main vertical stem of each letter, and attach the retroflex hook
    > a straight continuation of this stem (the i with retroflex hook would end

    > up looking something like a reversed j).

    I take it, something like that in the attached image?

    (See attached file: I-retroflexhook.png)
    (Source: Brink, Lars; Jørn Lund, Steffen Heger, J. Normann Jørgensen. 1991.
    Den Store Danske Udtaleordbog. [Copenhagen:] Munksgaard Ordbøger.)

    - Peter

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