Re: ogonek vs. retroflex hook

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Date: Wed Apr 02 2003 - 14:29:04 EST

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    > John Hudson <> wrote on 04/02/2003 10:32:51 AM:
    > > I would replace the normal termination of the main vertical stem
    > > of each letter, and attach the retroflex hook as a straight
    > > continuation of this stem (the i with retroflex hook would end up
    > > looking something like a reversed j).
    > I take it, something like that in the attached image?
    > (See attached file: I-retroflexhook.png)
    > (Source: Brink, Lars; Jørn Lund, Steffen Heger, J. Normann Jørgensen. 1991.
    > Den Store Danske Udtaleordbog. [Copenhagen:] Munksgaard Ordbøger.)

    That character, of course, doesn't represent any retroflex sound but
    rather a semivocalic [i] (frictionless [j]). It is part of the
    phonetic alphabet Dania which is still widely used in Denmark. (I
    believe it was invented by the renowned Danish linguist Otto
    Jespersen, but I might be wrong about that.) For a list of characters
    (without any description of their usage), see
    <>. I presume some of them
    (e.g., character 190 [script-g-with-hook-to-the-right]) would be
    candidates for inclusion in Unicode, though the majority could just be
    considered variant glyphs of existing characters.


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