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From: William Overington (
Date: Fri Apr 04 2003 - 04:22:59 EST

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    Doug Ewell wrote as follows.


    What happened to LTag? Well, as everybody knows, the Unicode Technical
    Committee strongly discourages the usage of these tags, to the point
    were they were almost deprecated earlier this year. They are permitted
    only in "special protocols," and are certainly frowned upon for use in
    arbitrary plain text, which is what LTag was for. So, in an attempt to
    restore some of my lost Unicode "street cred" I removed LTag from my
    site. I still keep the program around, but only as a reference to ISO
    639 and 3166 codes.

    end quote

    Well, whether the tags were (italics) almost (end italics) deprecated
    earlier this year I do not know, yet the fact is that, after a lengthy and
    extended Public Review process as to whether to deprecate them, the tags
    were not deprecated but the situation was left broadly unaltered but with
    some additional notes to be included in the Unicode 4.0 document.

    It remains to observe what is to be put about tags in the Unicode 4.0 book.
    Whether tags will be used in interactive broadcasting as a feature used in
    (italics) some (end italics) content, such as with (italics) some (end
    italics) generic file handling packages for distance education, remains for
    the future, yet the option remains open.

    William Overington

    4 April 2003

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