Re: Devanagari Glottal Stop

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Sun Apr 06 2003 - 06:57:04 EDT

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    I wrote:

    > > I would have to disagree with these Indian experts in this instance.
    >> The Devanagari glottal stop does not have a dot, and indeed, in the
    >> languages which use it, this character will certainly coexist with
    >> the question mark. They have different shapes, and different
    >> functions.

    At 15:03 -0800 2003-04-05, Mark Davis wrote:
    >Can you respond back to them with the information as to the
    >languages involved?

    I believe they read the Unicore list, don't they, Mark? N2543 and
    02/394 show the character used for the Limbu language, and shows the
    glyph without a dot and with a horizontal headbar, which the question
    mark never has. (It also shows an example where, because the
    typesetters didn't have the letter available they substituted a
    question mark, but that just goes to show that we need to encode
    this, because it is a letter, not a punctuation mark.)

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