Re: Awful Unicode character names (was Re: I-Ching Hexagrams)

From: Kevin Brown (
Date: Thu Apr 10 2003 - 21:24:00 EDT

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    OK, now I'm really confused. Michael Everson earlier in this thread (8
    April) stated:

    > Character names once assigned cannot be changed.

    Then Ken Whistler states (9 April) in relation to U+262B:

    >in Unicode 1.0 it was called "SYMBOL OF IRAN", which was closer
    >to your description of its use. It was WG2 that insisted on renaming
    >it "FARSI SYMBOL" to get "IRAN" out of the name...

    So do character names once assigned get changed or don't they?

    Also, as the originator of the original thread (I-Ching Hexagrams), and
    at the risk of re-awakening the rather cranky sleeping dragon earlier
    disturbed by Eric Rasmussen, I was wondering about Michael's other

    >characters have to have names, and we used what was available
    >rather than making something up.

    I'm curious about whether the proposers at any stage considered using a
    similar character name convention to that used for the naming of the
    Braille characters? (U+2800 - U+28FF)?

    Kevin Brown

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