Re: Variant Glyph Display

From: Andrew Cunningham (
Date: Thu Apr 10 2003 - 18:14:28 EDT

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    Hi Chris,

    Does Microsoft have any publicly available documnetation on which parts
    of the PUA it uses and how?


    Chris Pratley wrote:
    > Part of the PUA (starting at the bottom) is used by Word to handle EUDC
    > characters from standards such as Big5, Shift-JIS etc when data from
    > those charsets are mapped to Unicode.
    > Word uses a portion of the PUA (actually Windows does this mapping), to
    > hold this data. Since those EUDC characters are expecting Asian layout
    > characteristics, font binding, etc, we internally make some assumptions
    > about that part of the PUA (realistically this is by far the most common
    > usage of that region). Also, if we don't make those assumptions, then
    > plain-text "EUDC" text copied from say notepad to Word as Unicode text
    > would not pick up the required Asian properties. Lots of existing apps
    > place only plain text on the clipboard (Unicode or local code page such
    > as Big5), so we have to assume the Asian properties or things don't work
    > for those EUDC characters.

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