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From: Chris Pratley (
Date: Fri Apr 11 2003 - 23:16:24 EDT

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    If there *were* any documentation it would be public. <g>

    I can try to scare up the code point assignments but like most things it
    is just in the code somewhere. In the meantime, you can look around MSDN
    for the code point mappings of Big5 EUDC to PUA and check what ranges
    are used. I think Big5 has the largest EUDC so it would use the most of
    the PUA.


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    Hi Chris,

    Does Microsoft have any publicly available documnetation on which parts
    of the PUA it uses and how?


    Chris Pratley wrote:
    > Part of the PUA (starting at the bottom) is used by Word to handle
    > characters from standards such as Big5, Shift-JIS etc when data from
    > those charsets are mapped to Unicode.
    > Word uses a portion of the PUA (actually Windows does this mapping),
    > hold this data. Since those EUDC characters are expecting Asian layout
    > characteristics, font binding, etc, we internally make some
    > about that part of the PUA (realistically this is by far the most
    > usage of that region). Also, if we don't make those assumptions, then
    > plain-text "EUDC" text copied from say notepad to Word as Unicode text
    > would not pick up the required Asian properties. Lots of existing apps
    > place only plain text on the clipboard (Unicode or local code page
    > as Big5), so we have to assume the Asian properties or things don't
    > for those EUDC characters.

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