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Date: Mon Apr 14 2003 - 23:09:55 EDT

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    Yes, that's true as well. The implementer's world is full of all this
    nasty reality stuff. It would be great to go back to designing
    theoretical tools and theoretical Private Use Areas that didn't start
    life burdened with multiple conflicting demands placed on them...

    To Chris Fynn: Chris, have you tried using the PUA in OfficeXp, or are
    you using an older version? I think we may have made a tweak in Word2002
    that allowed you to assign any font you liked to the "Asian" EUDC ranges
    in the PUA.


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    > > But the functionality is being provided by a vendor, not by end
    > They are still user defined characters.

    The distinction between "vendor-defined" and "(end-)user defined" in
    practice isn't taken that seriously, e.g., the various editions of the
    HKSCS extension to the legacy Big5 character set are implemented by
    placing characters in both Big5's vendor-defined and (end-)user defined
    regions, in effect shrinking the space available for "end-users".

    Thomas Chan

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