Re: Grapheme cluster boundaries and left-side spacing dependent vowels

Date: Mon Apr 21 2003 - 14:14:11 EDT

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    James Clark wrote on 04/20/2003 08:39:33 PM:

    > As I understand it, grapheme cluster boundaries are supposed to be
    > useful for things like cursor movement: a reasonable default action for
    > the right arrow key would be to move over one grapheme cluster. For
    > this reason, I wouldn't expect there to be a boundary before a left-side
    > dependent vowel: the cursor would have to bounce backwards and forwards
    > if there was such a boundary.

    The cursor might similarly bounce back and forth in bidi text; if such
    behaviour is acceptable for bidi text, might it also be considered
    acceptable for Indic-reordering text?

    - Peter

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