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Date: Fri Apr 25 2003 - 03:38:42 EDT

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    Dear Michael Everson;

    Back in 2000 I initiated a similar discussion about Private use Area
    after that discussion for presentation form of our Pashto and Dari Fonts we
    U+FF00 to U+FFA8 presently and will use another point if needed.

    Since I knew you are working in this area, also in our fonts we have
    used U+20AF for Afghani Sign. I knew many might not like our that
    liberty on this forum, but our need was so immediate, so we had to
    assign a code point and we did so.



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    > Well, Michka, we have an immediate need them for interim
    > implementation codes for two characters which we expect will be
    > encoded, but since that takes two years or so and since the
    > implementation would be immediate so they have to be in the BMP. We
    > have chosen U+E659 and U+E0B4 and hope that the suppliers of OSes
    > have not used these codes.
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