Re: General punctuation spaces U+2000 to U+200B

From: John Cowan (
Date: Sat Apr 26 2003 - 11:41:39 EDT

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    William Overington scripsit:

    > What is the difference between U+2000 EN QUAD and U+2002 EN SPACE please?
    > What is the difference between U+2001 EM QUAD and U+2003 EM SPACE please?

    There is none; they are canonically equivalent. Only one of each should
    have been encoded. So it goes.

    > In letterpress printing, with handsetting of type from a metal font which
    > had been cast by a typefounder, I always thought of a quad as something like
    > a 2 em quad or a 4 em quad, that is, as a multiple em width block of spacing
    > used at each end of a line of handset type to give stability, or used within
    > a line to space out a fleuron or some such ornament. So an em quad seems
    > not to fit with that, so what is the meaning please?

    Just what you'd expect: a spacer whose width is 1 em.

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