Re: General punctuation spaces U+2000 to U+200B

From: John Hudson (
Date: Sat Apr 26 2003 - 16:16:54 EDT

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    At 01:09 AM 4/26/2003, William Overington wrote:

    >So, how wide should I make U+2003 in font units please?

    This should equal the UPM value of your font, since this is the scaling
    factor applied by the rasteriser. The actual height of the glyphs in your
    font is not equivalent to the *body* height which is determined by the UPM
    value. In TT fonts, the UPM value can be any value you like, e.g. you could
    change it to equal the actual height of your tallest characters, but is
    usuall a power of 2 (which gives a miniscule performance improvement) and
    is typically 2048. In the latter case, your em space, dash, etc. should be
    2048 units wide. This ensures that these glyphs are e.g. 12pts wide in 12pt

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