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From: Doug Ewell (
Date: Sun Apr 27 2003 - 23:37:27 EDT

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    Märk Davis <mark dot davis at jtcsv dot com> wrote:

    > The only concrete thing I have heard is that when titlecasing Dutch,
    > "i" + "j" at the start of a word should be titlecased as "I" + "J",
    > not as "I" + "j". For that, one would request a change to
    > SpecialCasing.txt in the Unicode Character Database for the next
    > version of Unicode. Kent Karlson proposed this some time back; it may
    > be time to revisit it, but we would need a proposal for the next UTC.

    The uppercase and titlecase forms of the sequence "ij" in Dutch are
    definitely "IJ". This is as well documented as the casing conventions
    surrounding Turkish "i". This should definitely be proposed as a change
    to SpecialCasing.txt.

    In fact, solving problems like this in the proper Unicode way might go a
    long way toward convincing the Dutch contingent that the need for U+0132
    and U+0133 is overstated.

    -Doug Ewell
     Fullerton, California

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