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Date: Mon Apr 28 2003 - 01:40:49 EDT

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    An IME is an input method that is useful for abstracting the entry of 10,000
    to 40,000 or more characters in a small interface (20,000-key keyboards are
    generally considered to be inefficient).

    But an IME causes data entry of non-CJK text to be slower then a keyboard
    that covers the same information.

    When one is calling it "overkill" it is not only in relation to development
    effort to create the IME, it is n the amount of extra work it would require
    to actually use it, for no actual, measureable gain.


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    > >We could build you an IME for Dutch, just like we built one for Arabic.
    > Overkill, but, then again, much of this recent thread about Klingon
    > qualifies as such.
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    > Isn't there a 3rd party "IME kit" that has been available for the past 2
    > years that (I know) works with Windows?
    > John F.

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