RE: [OT] multilingual support in MS products (was Re: Kurdish ghayn)

From: Thomas Pottjegort (
Date: Mon Apr 28 2003 - 10:44:57 EDT

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    >like รก with a two-byte sequence. ISO 6937 never achieved great
    >popularity, although I have heard it saw some use in the Netherlands.

    ISO 6937 is mainly used for Videotex and Teletex. One of the applications had been the Viditel system introduced by the dutch PTT in the middle of the 80's. A small color-terminal connected to the phoneline. So you could chat and order a pizza using the internal 1200/75 baud modem.
    The Philips 2000 homecomputers used the same standard for their graphics and most TV's of that period have the TPU3040 teletext processor too.

    Because you could use only 40 characters by 25 lines the char "IJ" is still very usefull.

    Thomas Pottjegort

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