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From: Raymond Mercier (
Date: Wed Apr 30 2003 - 04:27:51 EDT

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    At least this seems to settle in the negative the question as to whether
    they all have the same unicode blocks.
    On my disk the TTC's have two fonts, except for msgothic.ttc which has three.
    I just wondered if Microsoft or anyone else had followed firm guidlines, or
    just did it in a more whimsical way. It is hard to see the real point of a TTC.


    At 23:06 29/04/2003 -0400, you wrote:
    >I've seen a TTC font that had four, maybe five font instances. It had Han
    >characters with "precomposed" Bopomofo ruby annotation attached to each
    >character; the extra font instances were for cases where the Han character
    >had multiple possible readings. I don't know what the point of a TTC font
    >was in this case, as it didn't save any disk space; the extra font
    >instances were not as completely populated as the first, and didn't
    >duplicate from the first.
    >But I've usually only seen two font instances in a TTC font, and all that
    >seemed to vary between the two was whether the Latin part was monospaced
    >or proportional. Han characters, bopomofo, kana, etc. seemed to be the
    >Thomas Chan

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