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From: John Hudson (
Date: Wed Apr 30 2003 - 15:30:54 EDT

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    At 09:07 AM 4/30/2003, James H. Cloos Jr. wrote:

    > >>>>> "John" == John Hudson <> writes:
    >John> There are ways to do this in an OpenType font, but it is
    >John> definitely easier to do if you start from separate i and j
    >John> characters, ... than from a single ij character,
    >Would this not be a case for the double-acute (aka hungarian umlaut)
    >mark? U+0133 U+030B ij̋ (if that works at all....)
    >Seems a lot simpler than breaking it apart, seperately acuting the i
    >and the j and then kerning them back together....

    The double-acute is a separate diacritic: it does not represent two acute
    accents per se.

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    As for the technique of trimming the nib,
    Do not be greedy!
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