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Date: Thu Apr 24 2003 - 11:52:38 EDT

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    > I'm assuming you read the page on PUA handling in MS software. So, are you
    > saying what you'd like to see added in that case (and likewise for other
    > platforms) is a summary showing for the entire BMP PUA which sub-ranges
    > be problematic in MS software?

    Yes. Although the whole BMP PUA seems to be used in one way or another I'm
    wondering if there are blocks in this area which are *relatively* safe to
    use; and whether there are areas or codepoints which are particularly

    How MS operating systems and applications treat PUA codepoints is of course
    a particular concern simply because they are so widely used. - if mapping
    glyphs to particular PUA codepoints causes problems under MS Windows or
    Office then a majority of users of a font are likely to have those problems.
    Conflicts with other widely used applications like Acrobat would also make
    things very difficult.

    > If so, I agree that would be useful,
    > but would take a little more research for Windows.

    That's why, in my earlier message, I wrote "as it comes to light" :-).

    I also wonder whether or not things like what code page or locale the user
    has selected affects things.


    - Chris

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