Re: The text copying facility in Unicode code chart pdf files.

From: Ben Dougall (
Date: Thu May 01 2003 - 18:07:26 EDT

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    > This brings me back to the original request in this thread. I am
    > grateful
    > to you and others who have advised me of good ways to obtain the data,
    > yet
    > the ability to copy the formal name of a character from a code chart
    > pdf
    > file would be very useful as one would not then need to key it by hand
    > rather than copy it directly and then check that the keying is correct.

    absolutely. i posted a request along exactly the same lines less than a
    week ago. the only reason i can see for securing pdfs in this way is to
    stop people tampering then passing on maybe? i'm guessing. copy and
    pasting from pdfs like unicode's documents (the ones i was talking
    about were the v3 book ones) is very useful. why would you want to stop
    people doing that?

    it'd be great if the v4 pdf book doesn't get locked like that.

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