Re: The text copying facility in Unicode code chart pdf files.

From: William Overington (
Date: Fri May 02 2003 - 04:02:11 EDT

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    >>Please note the dates.

    Sorry, my mistake.

    The reason for the comment was because I had written a post about YOGH being
    different to EZH to the Forum for Composition in Old English (Moderated)
    mentioning your two documents about YOGH and EZH. This was as a result of
    someone trying the QUEST043.TTF font and saying that YOGH at decimal 658 did
    not show using the font. Yet decimal 658 is not YOGH but EZH and I pointed
    out briefly the difference and how the situation had changed, referring to
    your documents and the note about the mistake in Unicode 1.0 which mistake
    is documented in the Unicode 4.0 Code chart beta pdf file.

    I added, beneath the links to your two documents, the following note.


    Please note the dates on the documents. The discussion was some years ago
    and his suggestion has been taken up now.

    end quote

    In writing the item for the Unicode list I copied some of the parts from
    that post yet missed out the comment about why the dates on the posts should
    be noted.

    I wonder just how many legacy files are out there using ezh rather than

    William Overington

    2 May 2003

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    >>Please note the dates.
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