The text copying facility in Unicode code chart pdf files.

From: William Overington (
Date: Thu May 01 2003 - 09:56:52 EDT

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    I have found that some of the pdf files for the Unicode code charts allow me
    to copy the name of the character onto the clipboard and then paste it into
    a WordPad document and some of the pdf files do not.

    For example, I have today been making a list of vowels with macrons and then
    a list of vowels with acutes. This is because of producing a documentation
    file about using a font to set Old English.

    The pdf with the macrons allowed me to copy and paste. The pdf file with
    most of the acutes did not.

    I wonder if, unless it is for some policy reason and copying to the
    clipboard is deliberately inhibited, if the management could possibly ensure
    that all of the pdf files have the copying facility available when the
    Unicode 4.0 pdf files are released please as that would be more convenient
    when trying to copy the formal names of characters into documentation.

    William Overington

    1 May 2003

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