RE: character "stories"

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Mon May 05 2003 - 15:51:28 EDT

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    Marco noted re U+2105 CARE OF

    > > At 13:52 +0200 2003-05-05, Pim Blokland wrote:
    > >
    > > >Therefore I'm curious. Can anyone enlighten me?
    > >
    > > It is an international conspiracy, of course.
    > >
    > > The character was probably in some legacy code set.
    > It was in the Big-Five character set, as code 0xA1C1. (So, it is a Taiwanese
    > conspiracy.)

    And Code Page 936 (0xA847) and CNS 11643 (0x12222).

    It was also in XCCS (Xerox Character Code Standard),
    at code 357B/100B (0xEF 0x40). XCCS was a source of quite
    a few symbols which made it into the initial repertoire
    of Unicode 1.0.

    Pim Blokland also asked:

    > > >Why the emphasis on English?

    Well, the very next character, U+2106 CADA UNA, is for
    *Spanish*, of course. But it, again, got in from the XCCS
    character encoding, where it was 356B/100B (0xEE 0x40).

    At any rate, they are just more compatibility symbols.

    One might as well look at U+3300..U+3357 and ask, "Why the
    emphasis on Japanese?"


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