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From: John Hudson (
Date: Wed May 07 2003 - 18:59:14 EDT

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    At 02:39 PM 5/7/2003, David Starner wrote:

    >Wake up to the twenty-first century. At least in the first world, almost
    >anyone can compose a song, write a poem, write a program, create a character
    >set or make a typeface, whether or not you like them or the results. The
    >idea of being insulted by someone else's expression of their creativity is

    What aspect of William's font is an 'expression of his creativity'? It is
    an inept copy of a style of display lettering c. 1980 based on 'computer'
    type. The only novel aspect of it is that William doesn't appear to
    understand even the most basic principles of consistent contrast, as
    evidenced by his lowercase k. If William wants to express his creativity by
    composing a song or writing a poem, I would expect people who are
    knowledgeable about songwriting and poetry to point out if his song or poem
    sucks, especially if he insists on shoving his creativity in other peoples'
    faces. I happen to be knowledgeable about type and typography, and I'm not
    about the pretend that all typefaces are equal or that some don't suck just
    because some misguided person thinks that type design is a legitimate
    outlet for his creativity. William has produced a typeface. It is
    unoriginal, badly constructed, culturally and aesthetically inappropriate
    for the use to which he intends it, and clearly demonstrates that he
    doesn't know the first thing about typography. If he is interested in
    learning about type design, more power to him, and I would be happy to
    recommend some books and even some exercises, but I am not going to applaud
    failed efforts or stroke his ego.

    Yes, anyone can compose a song, write a poem, write a program, etc., but
    that doesn't make all songs good, all poems brilliant or all programs
    worthwhile. I have a huge respect for amateurs in any field who hold
    themselves to high standards; I object strongly, however, to amateurISM,
    the excuse for low standards, shoddy work and self-indulgence. And, yes, I
    do think it is insulting -- to people who strive for high quality, who work
    hard to develop their talents for many years, who gain knowledge and skill
    in their craft -- to suggest that anyone can design a typeface, as there
    were nothing to it.

    John Hudson

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    Vancouver, BC

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