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Date: Wed May 07 2003 - 19:17:57 EDT

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    At 02:50 PM 5/7/2003, Brian Doyle wrote:

    >They do, however, caution against "rabid, ad hominem attacks," which I think
    >aptly describes Mr. Hudson's post (below). Furthermore, spam is defined as
    >"unsolicited commercial and bulk e-mail." Aesthetic objections to a
    >subscriber's announced work do not justify launching into an invective (and
    >unprofessional) tirade.
    >For the benefit of list newbies like myself, perhaps some "knowledgeable"
    >person would care to share the unspoken list rules so that flame wars can be

    I don't think my comments constituted 'rabid, ad hominem attacks', and am
    pleased that Sarasvati does not consider them so. I did not attack William
    Overington the man: I strongly criticised what he had produced and his
    insistence on (repeatedly) announcing the products of his creativity as if
    they were of lesser general interest only to the Second Coming. Over the
    years, I've seen a few half-baked character encodings and invincible
    misconceptions roundly trounced and ridiculed on this list, and I don't see
    why fonts should not be held to the same standard of rugged criticism.

    That said I'm ceratinly keen to avert a flame war, for the good of the
    community, and am content not to say any more on the matter. I have sent
    Willian, offlist, the MS Font Validator report for his font, detailing the
    various outline and table errors. If he wants to learn something about type
    design, so he can understand my aesthetic objections (which are not matters
    of taste or opinion, but relate to what Albrecht Durer characterised as
    'the just shaping of letters'), I'm happy to suggest some reading to him. I
    will do this off list, because I don't think it is any more appropriate to
    this forum that William's original announcement.

    John Hudson

    Tiro Typeworks
    Vancouver, BC

    As for the technique of trimming the nib,
    Do not be greedy!
    I will not reveal its nuances; I withhold its secrets.
                       - Ibn al-Bawwab, Ra'iyyah

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