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From: William Overington (
Date: Thu May 08 2003 - 04:08:54 EDT

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    John Hudson wrote as follows.

    > Over the years, I've seen a few half-baked character encodings and
    invincible misconceptions roundly trounced and ridiculed on this list, and I
    don't see why fonts should not be held to the same standard of rugged

    Ridicule is not any good standard of rugged criticism at all. If someone
    chooses to state a criticism of my efforts with reasons then that is fine,
    provided that he or she sticks to the facts and their own opinions without
    purporting to make claims as to my actions or motivations about which he or
    she is only guessing.

    >That said I'm ceratinly keen to avert a flame war,

    That is three people in two different threads who have mentioned the phrase
    "flame war" recently. What exactly is a flame war?

    > for the good of the community,

    Well, as the ruling by Sarasvati shows that my original post announcing
    Quest text was on-topic for the list, some of your first post in the thread
    about my announcing the availability of the Quest text font is without
    foundation, so that part of your initial criticism is void.

    > and am content not to say any more on the matter.

    Well, you have stated matters and made claims without stating reasons, so
    maybe you are content not to say any more on the matter.

    William Overington

    8 May 2003

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