Re: Press Release: Afghan language

From: N. R. Liwal (
Date: Thu May 08 2003 - 02:13:40 EDT

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    Dear Mr. Roozbeh;

    That is the main problem of Afghans with our neighbors
    as soon we open our mouth for dialog, they are talking of
    WAR. I hope you change your attitude, now in Afghanistan
    we need Business Partners, not support for arrogant Warlords.

    I will not respond you further on this technical list and I apology
    by wasting others time, if you want to discuses further Joint Computing in Afghanistan, Justify what you
    are doing.


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    > I wish to ask everybody not to help a flame war on this subject. I have
    > been unknowingly participating in such wars with the same Mr Liwal who is
    > starting this, to no avail.
    > Of course, I have many objections to what Mr Liwal is claiming, which I
    > reserve for the case the flame war couldn't be avoided.
    > roozbeh

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