Re: Quest text font now available.

From: William Overington (
Date: Mon May 12 2003 - 07:05:21 EDT

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    Peter Constable wrote as follows.

    > .... , but I haven't planned to mention Softy. Given $25 for old and
    unsupported Softy vs. $99 for new and supported TypeTool...

    Well, what you mention on your web page is clearly your choice. However,
    Softy is a useful entry level program for someone who would like to get
    started with font making. Softy is shareware with a 30 day trial period and
    Softy allows one to produce fonts without any of the glyphs being
    overwritten by the program during the trial period. At 15 pounds Sterling
    it is, in my opinion, very good value.

    I have now used Softy to correct some of the problems with the Quest text
    font and an updated version is now available on the web.

    I wonder if those people who enjoy using the Softy program and who find it a
    useful program might be interested in starting a mailing list about Softy.
    I have found various useful matters which could usefully be part of a FAQ
    document for users of Softy. For example, the fact that when merging two
    contours that the merge order is important and merging contour A onto
    contour B gives a different result from merging contour B onto contour A and
    the way to understand the way that the merge works so that the desired
    result can be obtained.

    I am now in the process of adding some extra characters to the Private Use
    Area of the Quest text font, such as U+E722 and U+E723 for capital and small
    letter M with macron respectively and U+E724 and U+E725 for capital and
    small letter N with macron respectively as the small m with macron was
    sometimes used for mm and mn and the small n with macron was sometimes used
    for nn. I am using the table on page 14 of the file gbpmanual.pdf from the webspace as a guide. If anyone would like to
    suggest any other special characters which are needed then please email me.

    In relation to the table on page 14 of the gbpmanual.pdf file, I wonder if
    someone could possibly explain what is the description of the characters
    used as abbreviations for per, pro and prop please. Also in relation to the
    abbreviation for gi and gra, what please are the accent-like marks?

    William Overington

    12 May 2003

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