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From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Mon May 12 2003 - 17:51:58 EDT

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    Stefan Persson asked:

    > I have understood that U+3031 = U+3033 + U+3035 and that U+3032 = U+3034
    > + U+3035. In that case, why don't the character charts at
    > contain this information?

    They do contain annotations to that effect. This is, however,
    not a compatibility decomposition. No formal compatibility
    mappings are provided for *any* such instances of cases where
    two (or more) glyph part characters could be equated, if
    placed in the correct sequence, to a single character that
    stands for the entire concept. Cf., for example:

                         HALF INTEGRAL

    And all the possible equivalent sequences implied by the
    various bracket and brace glyph piece characters now in
    the standard.

    U+3033..U+3035 are simply Asian character set compatibility characters
    for cell-based graphic display, since these repeat signs generally
    are double-character in height.

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