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Date: Fri May 16 2003 - 18:05:10 EDT

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    Hello everyone,

    I would like to draw your attention to some of the open "public review"
    items on this page:


    Review periods for several items are slated to close on June 1, 2003.
    Below I have appended the items for your convenience, but please see the
    page for links to relevant documents.

    If you have comments or discussion, please consider expressing yourself.
    After discussion, you may post comments for official consideration by
    visiting our feedback & reporting page:



    5 Object Replacement Char
            Whether to treat U+FFFC Object Replacement Character and the
    Interlinear Annotation Characters as "default ignorable" or to have a
    default visible representation. See the accompanying document for details.

    7 Tailored normalization forms
            The UTC is considering allowing limited tailoring of normalization
    forms. This would involve excluding certain specified sets of characters
    from decomposition, notably the CJK compatibility characters (which are
    actually canonical--not compatibility--decomposables).
            Possible advantages are that it allows the graphic variations to
    be preserved; possible disadvantages are interoperability problems with
    different variants of normalization forms. Two documents discussing this
    issue are posted HERE and HERE.

    8 Math digits
            It is proposed to give the mathematical digits (U+1D7C9 ..
    U+1D7FF) the general category of "No" rather than "Nd", and to delete the
    value of field 6 from those characters in the UCD (UnicodeData.txt file;
    note: the first field is numbered 0).
            This is in recognition of the fact that these digits are most
    commonly not used as part of decimal numbers, but are used as variables or
    other mathematical symbols.
            This proposal is intended to change their Numeric_Type from nt=de
    (Decimal) to nt=di (Digit), thereby aligning them with the superscript and
    subscript digits which were just changed, as special cases, and
    distinguishing them from the various sets of decimal digits per se (nt=de
    and gc=Nd). As a result of the proposed change, category Nd would be
    reserved for decimal digits used in ordinary decimal numbers.

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