John's Own Version of Unicode Conformance, Version 4.0

From: John Cowan (
Date: Fri May 16 2003 - 21:48:46 EDT

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    John's Own Version of Unicode Conformance, Version 4.0 (draft 1)

    1 through 3 are history.

    4. Loose surrogates don't mean jack.

    5. Neither do non-characters.

    6. Leave the unassigned codepoints alone.

    7. It's okay to be ignorant about a character, but not wrong.

    8. Subsets are strictly up to you.

    9. Canonically equivalent sequences always mean the same thing.

    10. Don't garble what you don't understand.

    11. Interpret UTFs by the UTF rules.

    12. Generate them that way, too.

    12a. Garbled UTF is garbage.

    12b. Believe in the BOM.

    13. Do right-to-left characters by bidi rules.

    14. When you say you are producing normalized text, make it so.

    15. When you check for it, do that by the book too.

    16. Text normalizers have to pass the tests.

    17. When you talk about Unicode formally, do it the way we say.

    18. Provisional properties are just for us.

    19. Don't do bogus algorithm implementations.

    20. If you say you do casing, do it right.


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