Re: John's Own Version of Unicode Conformance, Version 4.0

From: Andrew C. West (
Date: Mon May 19 2003 - 05:21:12 EDT

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    On Sat, 17 May 2003 03:13:34 -0700, "Allen Haaheim" wrote:

    > When crocodiles growled by the mouth of the river e u f B
    > And plum-rains fell,
    > When wine-shops streamers atop the poles were Y s X C R
    > Changed to green ramie,
    > While surging waves were running t
    > And clouds were ruffled,
    > I sent a powder-yellow oilcloth coat o m H D
    > To my lord and husband.

    Opening this text as Big5 produces sensible Chinese, except for the first
    characters of line 2 and line 4, which seem to be corrupt (maybe something got
    lost or confused in the mail).


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