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Date: Sat May 17 2003 - 23:13:25 EDT

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    Marion Gunn scripsit:

    > How come the designation 'Yankee' rates cheers in one context (sport, for
    > example), sneers in another, and how can foreigners such as I tell which?

    "Yankee" is a relative term. First of all, there's a baseball team called
    the New York Yankees, and whether "Yankee" is a term of praise or contempt
    in a sports context is a matter of whether you are a Yankees fan or not.

    Beyond that, "Yankee" may be defined as follows:

    1. Outside the U.S., anyone from the U.S. (see also "Yank") 2. In
    the Southern U.S., any Northerner (see also "damnyankee"). 3. In the
    North, any New Englander (someone from the states of Massachusetts,
    Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, or Maine). 4. In
    New England, any Vermonter. 5. In Vermont, any Vermonter who eats
    pie for breakfast, typically but not necessarily apple pie. 6. Among
    apple-pie-for-breakfast-eating Vermonters, those who eat their pie with
    a knife.

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