RE: Decimal separator with more than one character?

Date: Wed May 21 2003 - 09:59:53 EDT

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    Roozbeh Pournader wrote on 05/21/2003 04:54:53 AM:

    > > And apparently the ISO 639 2-letter code for the language is fa.
    > Codes for many languages are based on the name of the language in itself,
    > instead of in English. Examples are 'de' for German, 'hr' for Croation,
    > 'zh' for Chinese, 'is' for Icelandic, and 'fa' for Persian. That doesn't
    > mean anything about the correct way to call the language in English.

    Ah! So, it looks like Farsi -- er, Persian -- speakers call it "farsi"
    (that's a transcription, not an English spelling), but that English
    speakers are expected to say and write "Persian". :-)

    - Peter

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