Re: More of The Unicode Standard, Version 4.0 available online

From: James H. Cloos Jr. (
Date: Thu May 22 2003 - 13:13:30 EDT

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    >>>>> "Marco" == Marco Cimarosti <> writes:

    Marco> I tried opening Chaper 9, but my PDF viewer fails ("There was
    Marco> an error opening this document. This viewer cannot decrypt this
    Marco> document."). Is this a problem with my system or is something
    Marco> wrong in the file?

    It works ok for me, with acroread 5.0.5 on Linux. The file is an
    encrypted version 1.4 pdf, so older readers will not be able to open

    Perhaps your dl was corrupted; the sha1 for ch09.pdf as I have it is:

    b3ab02ee834a5935589bb6a372e092ce6482da08 ch09.pdf


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