Re: Is it true that Unicode is insufficient for Oriental languages?

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Thu May 22 2003 - 17:03:14 EDT

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    At 08:07 PM 5/22/03 +0200, Michael Everson wrote:
    >At 18:29 +0100 2003-05-22, Theodore H. Smith wrote:
    >>>>It looked like "Old English" writing, but it could have been called
    >>>>Ogham perhaps, or maybe my memory fails me.
    >It must be.
    >>But seriously, what is so special about the Gothic style that it needs
    >>its own block?
    >Both Fraktur for Mathematics and Wulfilan Gothic have been encoded.

    Wulfian Gothic is unrelated to the term "Gothic" for a sans-serif font style.

    Styled text uses markup. However, for specialized texts, such as
    mathematics, where loss of style-markup can completely eradicate the
    meaning of the text, several symbol sets have been added to Unicode, where
    the symbols look like styled letters, but function very differently (i.e.
    as mathematical symbols).


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