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From: Michael Everson (
Date: Thu May 22 2003 - 19:59:44 EDT

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    At 00:33 +0200 2003-05-23, Philippe Verdy wrote:
    >From: "Asmus Freytag" <>
    >> Styled text uses markup. However, for specialized texts, such as
    >> mathematics, where loss of style-markup can completely eradicate the
    >> meaning of the text, several symbol sets have been added to Unicode, where
    >> the symbols look like styled letters, but function very differently (i.e.
    >> as mathematical symbols).
    >This creates some conflicting interest: which semantic for
    >characters encoded in fonts: a style semantic if one wants to
    >present Latin or Cyrillic text with a Gothic style?

    "Gothic style" isn't a style. It's a font. There is no "Gothic style"
    of Arial or Times in the same way that there is a bold-oblique or
    bold-italic of each.

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