Re: PUA glyphs in fonts (was: Is it true that Unicode is insufficient for Oriental languages?)

Date: Sat May 24 2003 - 11:55:07 EDT

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    Philippe Verdy wrote on 05/24/2003 08:23:53 AM:

    > With much respect to your desire to offer designs for ligatures in
    > TrueType fonts, I think you are going to the wrong direction...

    Philippe, did you just join the list relatively recently? Just so you know,
    this ground has been covered before, several times, and you are not alone
    in your opinion.

    > there are
    > better alternatives to represent graphic designs, notably bitmap or
    > vectorial image formats (such as Windows Meta Files, PostScript
    > instructions, or other similar formats

    SVG has a *ton* of stuff to capture William's interest for endless hours.

    > PUA has
    > been created for other purpose: as a way to perform internal
    > conversion steps from an abstract information to a final rendering

    That was not a specific design purpose for PUA. PUA *can* be used that way,
    but certainly for text rendering issues such as contextual forms, ligatures
    and variably-positioned diacritics, best practice implementations do not
    require PUA codepoints.

    - Peter

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