[OT] Re: Unicode-compliant email manager on XP system

From: Philippe Verdy (verdy_p@wanadoo.fr)
Date: Sat May 24 2003 - 19:17:54 EDT

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    From: "J Do" <jdo@pacificlinks.net>
    > Outlook Express is superb with Unicode. Besides:
    > 1/ if you interact a lot with web content, it has a nice, though minimal, facility for opening and editing web pages for emailing.
    > 2/ it allows you to save your messages as text -- great for determining character encoding problems. (As far as I can determine, this is not available with MS Outlook.)

    I have the same opinion: the main interest of Outlook is that you pay much to use it, just to have a less secured software with more bugs and which uses too much system resources, and with less facilities as it does not support newsgroups as well and has a strange behavior with HTML emails; its only interest is for the integration of enterprise forms, in connection with a archival system or project management system, but such systems are rarely needed or used by all those who buy a licence of Office.

    I do think that for many security reasons, one should not use MS Outlook for any application connected to Internet (this includes emails received from Internet, and thus for practical reasons all emails going to Internet). If you don't have an enterprise level messaging system with a central administration and archives, you don't need MS Outlook.

    If you need both activities, use MS Outlook only for enterprise-level applications, and use the free Outlook Express for all Internet related activities (you may however forward your Internet emails received from Outlook Express to your archived enterprise mailbox used separately with Outlook.)

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