RE: [OT] Re: Unicode-compliant email manager on XP system

From: Carl W. Brown (
Date: Sat May 24 2003 - 20:10:23 EDT

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    > I do think that for many security reasons, one should not use MS
    > Outlook for any application connected to Internet (this includes
    > emails received from Internet, and thus for practical reasons all
    > emails going to Internet). If you don't have an enterprise level
    > messaging system with a central administration and archives, you
    > don't need MS Outlook.

    > If you need both activities, use MS Outlook only for
    > enterprise-level applications, and use the free Outlook Express
    > for all Internet related activities (you may however forward your
    > Internet emails received from Outlook Express to your archived
    > enterprise mailbox used separately with Outlook.)

    I do not understand why you consider Outlook Express to be more secure for
    Internet mail. I think that Outlook Express is even more heavily targeted
    than Outlook by hackers. Because of the popularity virus developers find it
    more productive to target these products.


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