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From: William Overington (
Date: Sun May 25 2003 - 05:22:07 EDT

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    Peter Constable wrote as follows.


    It would not surprise me if several members of this list have already set up
    rules to treat posts to this list originating from you as "default
    ignorable", so to speak, just moving them into the trash. If you continue to
    bring up discussion on DVB here, I will soon be tempted to set up such a

    end quote

    Please note that the only reason that I posted in the thread at all was
    because Mr Kaplan mentioned me and I felt that I should have the opportunity
    to defend myself from such gratuitous criticism.

    I was under the impression that Mr Kaplan set up a facility to ignore my
    posts a long time ago. I was therefore surprised that he chose to mention
    me. As he mentioned me in the thread, I felt that I should respond to try
    to demonstrate that his assessment of my knowledge and competence was not
    necessarily the same as what some other people may choose to think after
    looking at the facts. That is part of natural justice.

    If you wish to have a rule which ignores all posts originating from me then
    that is your right to do so, however I feel that I cannot allow a direct
    challenge to competence such as Mr Kaplan posted to go unanswered.

    You mention Sarasvati. Sarasvati had a go at me in public when I mentioned
    antitrust law before. Yet I repeat and hope that you will understand this,
    I only posted in the thread because Mr Kaplan mentioned me using a
    prejudicial comment and I felt that it was only fair that I should have the
    opportunity to place my response into the archive of the Unicode Consortium.

    I have now had to be subjected to a public telling off from you, though I
    note that you do not publicly tell off Mr Kaplan for mentioning me in a
    prejudicial manner in the first place.

    However, DVB-MHP is an application area of Unicode and this forum includes
    discussion of matters amongst users of Unicode. Do you comment about
    inappropriateness when other application areas of Unicode are discussed,
    such as using Unicode in specific database products?


    > The place to discuss these matters is the Digital Television Interactive
    Broadcasting forum

    Please take these matters there and leave them there.

    end quote

    Well, I posted some documents there yesterday and I hope that you will note
    that I did not post them here. Likewise I recently posted an item about my
    code point assignments for various additional chess sorts in an appropriate
    forum and have not posted them here.

    William Overington

    25 May 2003

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