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Date: Mon May 26 2003 - 09:14:04 EDT

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    > Please note that the only reason that I posted in the thread at all was
    > because Mr Kaplan mentioned me and I felt that I should have the
    > to defend myself from such gratuitous criticism.

    You certainly have the right to defend yourself, but your post did not
    strike me as being intended for that purpose. You did not need to bring
    once more up a string of your pet projects in order to defend yourself.

    > I have now had to be subjected to a public telling off from you, though I
    > note that you do not publicly tell off Mr Kaplan for mentioning me in a
    > prejudicial manner in the first place.

    I have given my friend Mr Kaplan a telling off on occassion (as he has me)
    when I felt there was reason. On this occassion, he said

    > I'll take some of that action, too. Not since W.O. have we had someone
    > around who has been so insistent that Unicode is missing the requirements
    > its users, without really understanding what The "Unicode way" is....

    which I suppose could be considered prejudicial, and I don't think it's the
    kind of statement I would make publicly, but I certainly did not feel any
    obligation to tell off Michael for that first before asking you to stop
    bringing up items many of us are tired of.

    > However, DVB-MHP is an application area of Unicode and this forum
    > discussion of matters amongst users of Unicode. Do you comment about
    > inappropriateness when other application areas of Unicode are discussed,
    > such as using Unicode in specific database products?

    No, because that is something of interest to many members of this list.
    Your ideas in relation to Unicode and DVB-MHP are not. Moreover, a while
    back, I took a look at the forum in which DVB-MHP is being discussed to see
    how people there responded to your ideas, and discovered that nobody there
    was interested (as indicated by lack of any response to your posts). If
    it's not worth discussing in that place, where it is centrally on topic,
    it's not worth discussing here.

    - Peter

    Peter Constable

    Non-Roman Script Initiative, SIL International
    7500 W. Camp Wisdom Rd., Dallas, TX 75236, USA
    Tel: +1 972 708 7485

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