Re: IPA Null Consonant

From: Lukas Pietsch (
Date: Mon May 26 2003 - 03:46:18 EDT

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    > Thomas M. Widmann wrote:
    > >I'm not sure what the right Unicode symbol is, but my
    > best guess is
    > >U+2205 EMPTY SET ('∅').
    > That is a mathematical non-character just like the
    > integral sign.

    Yes, but then the use of the null symbol in linguistics is
    not really part of IPA anyway, but has a much wider usage.
    It's really more at home in morphology than in phonology
    (and certainly not in phonetics). That's why it doesn't get
    defined by IPA. However, of course it can be combined with

    I agree the EMPTY SET symbol is the right character to use.
    It has the right semantics, and in most fonts it will look
    sufficiently different from the IPA vowel symbol O WITH


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